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I am in desperate need of help.


I am trying to make a site where there is an AP Dive tags

I want to have a mouse over link on an image.  I can do the mapping and linking, but to get the image to stay in one spot needs a AP Div tag.  I can do this, but the problem is that if the AP div tag doesn't take it's position in relationship to the container it is in, but the edge of the page.  If someone slides their browser window smaller or larger, the rest of the page will slide along to stay in the middle of the window, but the text stays in one place.

I have done tutorials with and have a book called CSS the Missing Manual.  I understand intellectually what is going on but can't get through to a problem solving situation.

What am I missing?  Hmmm... experience.  Also, I'm mostly working in design view on Dreamweaver.


Please help if you can.  I think I am being vague but am also having a really hard time figuring out how to express this.


Anyway, let me  know if there is some info that would be helpful.  I can post the code later if needed.  It's only about 90 lines long but thought I would wait to see if I need to do that.


Thanks in advance.

on Jan 30, 2009

I am having the same probelm and am about to blow my head off, the funny thing is, I made a website a couple of weeks ago and i didn't have this probelm and was using the AP div tags.  Its really weird, have you found a solution.

I tried resetting prefrences, and just about everything.

on Jan 31, 2009

This AP Div tags only work for me if I haven't made the page with liquid margins.  If I use those, the tags are always set to the edge of the page not the container.

I still haven't found a solution.  I had to work on some other projects.

I just found someone to help me with this.  We'll see what happens.