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Published on June 17, 2008 By momijiki In Movies & TV & Books

I need some movie titles.  I go into the video shop and I can't really think of anything I want to see.

For the most part, if it is a new release, I probably already saw it in the movie theater.  

What I am looking for is backlist!  Something that is probably over a year old.  Older than that is okay, too.  It just has to be good. 


Genres I like:




comedy (not stupid stuff like American Pie and not Woody Allen-- I have actually asked for my money back with Allen movies)



romance (as long as it is not cheating couples or sexual weirdness posing as "art"--Thinking of "Unbearable Lightness of Being")

Drama (generally not a favorite but "Map of the Human Heart" was amazing but very sad)


Don't like so much:


artsy movies full of angst that explore the human condition and make you feel crappy


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on Jun 17, 2008

Tons of choices in the reviews I've written here: Reviews at

You should also check the reviews of others and see what they think of these same titles... (get yourself a nice range of reviews so you aren't just relying on one person's views...)

If you find the reviews helpful, please be nice enough to click on the "Yes" this review was helpful (or use the "No" button if you find the review wasn't helpful to you...) so the persons writing the reviews get some feedback on whether or not their efforts were worthwhile.

on Jun 17, 2008

sci-fi - If you haven't already rent the full season of the TV show
"Firefly" and the movie "Serenity".  "Children of Men" was good too. 

fantasy - I love "Stardust".  "Pan's Labryinth" if you missed it. 

comedy - I actually am a big fan of stupid funny which it doesn't sound like you would like.  A great TV show on DVD is "Wonderfalls".  Oh and the "Flight of the Conchords" tv show is hilarious.  "Stranger than Fiction" was a good movie. 

romance - I liked "Once". 

Drama - "The Worlds Fastest Indian" was good.  An old movie that was really good is "Johnny Belinda".  "Akeela and the Bee" was a good movie. 


on Jun 17, 2008

For Romance, Once  - agreed, beautiful movie, if you love music you won't find it boring. 

Shop Girl is one I've wanted to see and just purchased it, didn't regret it. It was great seeing Steve Martin in a different light. There is some nudity but not graphicly unecessary or unappealing. It goes with the movie


Love actually is old, but I bought the movie, love it!


Friends with Money, starring Jennifer Aniston and others, wasn't really as I expected but worth a watch if you like Joan Cusack and Catherine McDormand, which is why I wanted it. It might seem like agnst but it really was more about choices people make in their lives.


Premonition with Sandra Bullockwas a good thriller!


Click with Adam Sandler was hilarious but if you're not a fan of his, he does get into his 'adult' comedy but it is really funny!


Go see Iron Man!  I heard the Hulk wasn't bad and I can't wait to see it! 






on Jun 18, 2008

Thanks for the info.


Terfpan: will definitely check out the reviews.  Thanks for the reminder to click yes/no.



firefly/serenity:  own it already

Stardust: seen it

Pan's Labrinth:  can only get Spanish with Japanese subtitles here but will keep eye out on Amazon if I buy region free DVD player

Stranger than Fiction: loved it (Love Emma Thompson)

TV/Wonderfalls (not out here yet)

Once/Johnny Belinda/Akeela and the Bee:  will check it out



Love Actually:  seen it.  Yes, it was good.

Friends with Money: saw it... good actors but squarely in category of time in my life I can't get back 

Premonition;  will check it out

Adam Sandler:  he runs hot and cold with me.  LOVED Wedding Singer and really enjoyed Waterboy (for football scenes)  Big Daddy (ugh...)  Maybe hubby will like Click so will give it a go.


Iron Man:  looking forward to release here.


Thanks for the suggestions!  Love 'em.  Keep 'em coming!


on Jun 18, 2008
Crash (not the James SPader one, but the one with Sandra Bullock).
Forrest Gump
Airplane, Police Academy
Kate and Leopold

Your tastes seem varied enough. How about Kelly's Heros, In Harm's Way? I am trying some of the older movies, so let me know if I am getting too old for you.
on Jun 18, 2008

Crash:  seen both of them

Forest Gump:  seen it (initially amazed by it but irritated by it by the end)

Kate and Leopold:  fun movie (not a big Meg Ryan fan but liked the flick)

Airplane/police Academy:  just can't sit through them  and I have tried.  Oh, how I have tried (because it was the only English movie when I only had three channels when I lived in Niigata)

Kelly's Heroes/In Harms Way:  will check it out.

I am definitely willing to check out older flicks.  Will also try Treasure of the Sierra Madras.

on Jun 18, 2008
am definitely willing to check out older flicks.

Check out ANY Alfred Hitchcock movie. After all these years, they are still without peer!
on Jun 18, 2008

For action movies, I love Serenity, but it's already been listed.  Also, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Van Helsing are fun blow-stuff-up movies.

Romance, A Walk in the Clouds, Singing in the Rain, Return to Me, While You Were Sleeping, and Enchanted are great.  Especially Enchanted.

Comedy:  I'm picky, like you.  If you're in the mood for tv, I'd go MASH.  Fourth or Fifth seasons.  Awesome.  Or the movie Juno.  Another one of the greats. It'll go down in movie history. 

Thriller:  M Night Shamylan, or however you spell his name is a great director.  Check out his stuff.

Drama:  Finding Neverland is great.  If you're in the mood for a cry, I hear Shadowlands is good, too.

Hope that helped! 

on Jun 18, 2008

I'm not sure where this would fit in with your movies, but if you like "Once" check out "August Rush."

on Jun 18, 2008

if you are looking for a great sci fi movie i would deffinetly check out


i thought the last legion was decent 

 if you  like horror thrilelr

soem good ones are stir of echoes and white noise the first one not the second one

o and i also highly recommend bondock saints if you have not yet seen it.

on Jun 18, 2008

Have you been to

I recommend The Last Legion (Blockbuster exclusive?), nice special effects and simple, easy plot. Plenty of action.

Also, have you watched Iron Man? It's decent. Also, try Prince Caspian. I can't think of anything else right now. Maybe Stargate?

on Jun 18, 2008


Have you been to

Good place to take a look if you want to find something to watch without having to search through thousands upon thousands of titles. I used it alot myself while it was in beta before I signed up for Netflix. Found some decent tv shows from a few years back that I had missed.

The Boondock Saints


Awesome movie! For anyone who has seen it already (please don't expand on my comment because it will ruin it for those who haven't) I'm not much of one to laugh out loud at movies alot but that damn cat kills me everytime. Makes me laugh so hard I have to stop and catch my breath.

A newer off beat movie I actually just watched this morning and liked is Romance & Cigarettes. Strange movie but a great cast.

One of my favorite movies of all time  Memento a couple other good ones that also have Guy Pearce in them would be  The Time Machine The Count of Monte Cristo and L.A. Confidential.

Ok and it took me like ten minutes to do this much so if I don't stop now I'll keep going all night. Just to many good movies out there.

Think of actors you like go to and look through their profile for older movies you may have missed. I've come up with some good ones that way.

Oh and if you like drama here is one that I think everyone should be required to watch before receiving a marriage license The Story of Us 




on Jun 19, 2008


Think of actors you like go to and look through their profile for older movies you may have missed. I've come up with some good ones that way.

Generally, I don't like actors, I like stories.  Actors are usually a factor in my decision to NOT go to a movie.

Will check out  

I already saw all the Guy Pearce movies, including Pricilla Queen of the Desert.  All those were great stories.  I have DVD for Count of Monte Cristo.


I was wondering about Romance and Cigarrettes.  Will check it out.

The Last Legion... haven't seen it in stores here.

Boondock Saints... I think I have seen it in stores.  Sounds like a good flick to watch with Hubby.

Big Dune fan so saw all permutations of that movie.  White Noise I saw on the flight to Hong Kong which had lots and lots of plane dipping turbulence and lightning.  That movie really scared me.  Then one day,years later, my CD player switched on suddenly on radio. I ran over to switch it off.


Neverland... I've been wondering about that movie. Will check it out, too.  I've always been hesitant to rent it.  Good to have a recommendation.  Loved Shadowlands.  I started on Return to Me but couldn't watch the whole thing.  I can't remember why.

Saw all the Shyamalan movies including The Village. 6th Sense was really good, but the crop circle one was so-so.  The Village was better but a bit it rubbed me the wrong way so I skipped Lady in the Water.  Is it worth a see.


I'm getting a pretty interesting list.  Thanks, Folks!  Keep 'em coming!

on Jun 19, 2008

Ok, isn't happening.  I don't live in the States.

on Jun 23, 2008

I have to say i'd like to say a thank you to teh author of this and those whom have replied. Since reading it i've obtained Stardust and Stranger than Fiction and seen them both and their great films, i especially loved Stranger than Fiction (i think mostly because it had a hot anarchist in it).

I noticed Stranger than Fiction was directed by the same guy doing the new James Bond film - Quantum Solace (Mark Foster), so i was intrigued to see what other films he had done adn noticed one called 'The Kite Runner' 2007, i obtained this and am only half way through it but it's a different sort of film, very dark in places but again it's all about writing and a writer.  I'm not at the end of the film yet so cannot recommend it.

Another film he did was Stay in 2005, gonna look at getting the dvd for that also, has anyone else seen this? It got a good review on IMDB.



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