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not that it hadn't endured some major droppage trauma
Published on February 11, 2006 By momijiki In PDAs
A couple of weeks ago nothing seemed to go right. I had arguments with people (... not that this is unusual, but with a some old guy over the volume of my headphones.... and mainly because he treated me like shit and when I capitulated he just couldn't let it go), and I was bumping into things and dropping things.

The worst? My PDA screen got crunched. I had to use the bathroom and hung my bag on a hook (I know, what was I thinking? Answer: icky toilet floor) and the hook was angled ever so slightly and the cubicle ever so small that I bumped into my bag and it fell... no biggie, except for the sickening crunch that signified glass breaking under heavy weight. And sure enough, my clie was at the bottom of the bag with a broken screen.

But wait! All was not lost, I thought as I could still read information and turn it on and off. I rushed home and yes, it still synched. So, the workings were ok, but I needed a new touch screen. Hmmm... I looked up new Sony clie and was dismayed to find out that they pretty much stopped selling them right after I bought this one. I could get a new one (in Japanese) as I live in Tokyo, but there are times when I don't want to have to deal with a foreign language, and the main purpose of getting my PDA was so I could do writing by hooking up to my keyboard and using "Documents to Go" which is a word file. Besides, a new one is 700 dollars (roughly in USD) with no gaurantee that it will synch with english version of XP.

So, I get husband to call Sony and they can fix it for 150 dollars! Yay!!!!! Double Yay!!!! I love my PDA

Now it is home safe and sound, but I can't really get full benefit of it.

It won't synch with the desktop. It won't synch. My address book, documents (why bother taking it to write at a cafe if I can't move it to computer?) all won't synch.


on Feb 11, 2006
Sorry to hear that.
Just wondering can Japanese be considered a foreign language in Tokyo?
on Feb 11, 2006
I have an english language operating system, so for me it is a foreign language. But yoo're right. It is mewho is out of step with the all the gadgets here.
on Feb 13, 2006
Reply By: momijikiPosted: Saturday, February 11, 2006I have an english language operating system