Tokyo, Procrastination
Published on January 6, 2009 By momijiki In Life Journals

I got two books from Amazon that just came in the mail.

One is a book about CSS and the other one is about Illustrator CS3.  I'm pretty excited about them.  I have been doing online tutorials with and Adobe, but I'm not as good with video as I am with a book.  It's my earning type I guess.  I even took lots of notes when watching the videos but I tend to daydream a lot during lectures.  When I was in uni, most of my notes had cartoons all over the pages.  

I remember one particular lecture the history of science course which focused on theories of evolution and creationism.  That lecture was about Darwin's journey on the Beagle collecting specimens. I think my notes consisted of a few dates, a few names and this picture of a mad scientist carrying a mouse trying to escape a bell jar.  I really liked the illustration.  It actually jogged a lot of memories for me when it came time to study.  Another reason I remember these notes so well is that this guy I liked asked if he could borrow my notes because he had missed class.  He ended up using someone else's notes and gave me a bit of a look but we would chat once in a while after that.

So I have a resolution to get through these books in a fairly organized fashion.

Ah, resolutions.  I end up having so many.  Is it possible to over resolutionize?  Silly question.  Of course it is.  I tend to come up with huge lists of resolutions and some of them are pretty obscure and silly when I look back on them.  I think a resolution to dust my china cabinet more regularly is a nice idea but not really worthy of a new year's resolution.

I think most of my resolutions will revolve around health.  I think I'm pretty healthy in general but lately have felt really off.  Back problems and tummy trouble seems to be the root of most of my issues.  On a positive note, I have discovered the joys of acupuncture. I always thought that acupuncture was mostly psychosomatic in its actual effect.  I think I have to disagree now that I actually experienced it.  Not that acupuncture is a magic bullet with one poke of the needle, as lifestyle elements need to support getting better as well.

...  This blog is really random.  I wanted to write something because I had a few things that were stressing me out but didn't want to blog about them specifically.  I just got a phone call and now I don't have to worry about these things.  I love the phone when I get good news.

Since the stressor is over, I'm going to sign off on this blog.


See ya!

on Jan 06, 2009

I too find it much easier to learn something new from a book.  Good luck with your new purchases.

As for resolutions, I don't bother making them, at least not particularly at this time of year.  I am of the belief that if something needs doing, then I try to get it done, regardless of what time of year it is.  But I don't have a problem with others who do make resolutions, so good luck with yours and a Happy New Year to you and your family as well.

on Jan 06, 2009

Glad you received the telephone good news.

Writing is so cathartic.  I don't know how cavemen coped.

Good to "see" you.  Enjoy your books. 

on Jan 06, 2009

I am a visual learner so I do like videos, books would be next. A lecture, unless you are really, really, good at what you do or it is insanely interesting I am with you in the doodle category.

I am also glad you got good news. Good to see you here though.

on Jan 07, 2009

Yeah for good phone calls! Good luck with reading those books.  I would love to see that mad scientist!lol! 

The last time I had accupuncture was several years ago, and I liked it. 

Tummy problems....possibly food-related? Hopefully not too serious for you!  Nice to read you!