Tokyo, Procrastination
Published on January 26, 2009 By momijiki In Life Journals

Why do people feel they need to add a banana to things with caramel?  Things taste lovely without banana.

A new bakery opened up near my house.  Last time I sent I got a caramel flavored chou-cream.  I think it's what we call a cream puff back home. Lovely!  Amazing!  And without caramel.

I bought one today and it was pretty nice except for the banana slices inside it.  Ick.  I'm kinda bummed.

on Jan 26, 2009

I love caramel.  I love Bananas.  WHile I certainly would like to have each at times, I sure could go with a combination too!

on Feb 17, 2009

Banana is one of the first foods we give babies.  Maybe it's become a comfort food, which would explain why they think things will sell better if they have banana in them?