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Elendil's article about some fossils reminded me of all the strange things in the sea and a story I saw on the news on TV about the discovery of giant squid.

A 25 ft squid has been caught on camera and remains of squid in sperm whale stomachs hint at giant squid that could be up to 100 ft. long.

Check out this link: Link to get to the squid blog.

Check out this link to see the reuter's footage of the 25 ft squid Link it takes a long

This link has some nice stories about some possible interactions with the giant squid in the past Link

on Nov 12, 2005
A 25 ft squid!!!! Can you imagine the calamari? How about the cookware needed to prepare it?

A couple of years ago, I saw this really bad movie about a giant squid. It starred...Treat Williams? I looked up his filmography but couldn't find it. I saw it on TV in Japan and it had a different title... Now I'll never find it.

Anyway, this giant squid is killed, dragged to a marine park and is put into a pool. The scent of the dead squid carcass washes out to the ocean and attracts an even bigger squid. This squid attacks a one man sub and with it's super powerful squid beak, pops that sucker open like a can of soup and munches the person inside.

I didn't watch the whole movie, because it was obviously silly, but that part was kind of interesting in a "I never thought that could happen" kinda way.
on Nov 12, 2005

A 25 ft squid!!!! Can you imagine the calamari?

I was not going to mention that, but Hmmmmm!  Good!

Giant Squids fascinate me. I saw that article about the giant on!  100' long one?  Hard to imagine!

on Jun 28, 2006
I checked out the squidblog again today for the first time in months. There is a new fiction excerpt by William Gibson. And that's about it. I want more on giant squid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!